Aanandita Gupta

Orpheus Ka Sangeet

Year 1 Creative Project – Orpheus Ka Sangeet The Live Music Box is an interactive, user-dependent (something) that reflects on human-device interaction.It will turn the users into our digitised versions of the ballerina you often see in music boxes. But instead of a solo performance we intend to make it about collaboration and fusing of […]

Audio Visual Graphics

Audio Visual Graphics Link to the code repository: https://gitlab.com/aanandita-gupta/audio-visual-graphics-1 Link to the web app: https://www.doc.gold.ac.uk/~agupt001/sound/core_minimal_vj/index.html

Aqua Anchor

Year 2 Creative Project – Aqua Anchor Aqua Anchor is an attempt at recreating the calming and hypnotic effects of nature using technology. Our aim was to give people a more accessible option, in a time when most of us are experiencing increasing amounts of stress. Link to the code repository: https://gitlab.com/aanandita-gupta/aqua-anchor Link to the video: https://vimeo.com/426224038