Aanandita Gupta


I believe that programming is a skill that everyone should have. A little knowledge or even a rough idea of its capability. 

I have been learning programming since I was in class 8. Over the past 8 years, I have had the opportunity to build my base using core Java, enhance and learn more about Web Development using HTML, CSS and Javascript and take my knowledge a step further with Creative coding using C++ (including openframeworks) , Javascript libraries and Arduino. I have also learnt Python Programming, MongoDB (with Node.js), Shader Language and 3D Modelling

Naturally things have developed a lot over the course of time and I am working towards enhancing my knowledge further. I finish my undergraduate degree in June 2021 and I plan on developing my skill set over the summer. 
Languages and frameworks include: ReactJS and VueJS.


I am in the process of adding more projects here but till then please feel free to check out my Gitlab and browse through more of my work !!

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