Aanandita Gupta


Website Link: https://wamh.in/

WAMH is a mental health based organisation. They have support group sessions that allow for people from across the join to join and attend and feel like they are a part of the community. 

I started working with WAMH purely because it’s something I feel really strongly about. WAMH’s website has been an ongoing process and was launched on 7th August, 2021. 

I was also part of the UI/UX team which helped me get a better understanding what they were hoping to achieve with the help of the website and in general more about the company as well.

I am sole developer on the team and I am also running point with regards to the website. The website has been built on WordPress.org  with some code written for specific functionalities. 

Since the main purpose of the website was to ensure that the user has a comfortable and soothing experience, we made sure we design and develop the website around that.