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Yuvraj Nathani

Website Link: https://www.yuvrajnathani.com/

Yuvraj’s project brief included the design and development of his portfolio website. He had a rough idea of what he wanted to showcase on the website and we worked through the design planning and development together.

This was a one-day project where I was given the deliverables in the morning and was expected to give the result in the evening. As the deliverables were fairly simple and straightforward, I was able to produce a website with the desired result. The website has been made on Wix.com with some code written for specific functionalities.

As the main priority of the website was to showcase his work and get people to hire him as a freelancer. Keeping these in mind, I decided on three main pages for this website.

The landing page and the very first page that the user will see. The thought process behind this page was that we first wanted to give a little description about Yuvraj so that the user has a brief introduction into “Who Yuvraj really is”. After this we showcase his work so that any one who comes on the website is able to view the fields he works in and the kind of work he has done in the past years. 

As one of the two main purposes of the website was to get him hired as a freelancer, we decided to include a testimonial section as well. This way anyone who comes across his website and is looking to hire him, can always have an idea of what his previous clients have said about him. 

There is consistency in the basic elements of the website eg. Header and Footer. The color scheme has been kept simple (3 colors) so that the pictures and the work he has done can be highlighted. 

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